Naps kampanja
Helen, Finland 342 kW
Helen, Finland 342 kW

Helen, Finland 342 kW


  • It was the largest photovoltaic system in Finland, but it is also the first in which solar modules are leased and their production targeted the customers of the company that owns the system. The system was implemented with very high power solar modules. Installation mechanics were designed to be exceptionally robust at the site due to the general sea breezes.

Technical information

  • Owner:
    Helen Oy
    Completion date:
    Suvilahti, Helsinki, FInland
    60°11’06.3”N 24°58’07.3”E
    Panel orientation and angle:
    Southwest, 15°
    Overall panel power:
    340 kWp
    Estimated annual electricity generation:
    289.000 kWh
    Total panel area:
    2.029 m2
    Panel quantity:
    Panel type:
    EG 285 M
    Panel power:
    285 Wp
    Cell type:
    6” Monocrystalline silicon cell
    Type of installation:
    Naps-mounting structure for flat roof
    Type of inverter:
    ABB Pro 33
    Number of inverters: