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Summer cottage, Finland 0.5 kW
Summer cottage, Finland 0.5 kW

Summer cottage, Finland 0.5 kW


  • An off-grid system installed in a summer cottage in Korppoo provides electricity for the cottage's needs. The solar photovoltaic system can be used to power for example refrigerators, freezers, TVs, and chargeable portable electronics. Because the photovoltaic system the customer did not have to connect the summer cottage to the main power grid, and because of the batteries all the electricity used by the cottage is produced by the photovoltaic system.

Technical information

  • Owner:
    Completion date:
    Korppoo, Finland
    60° 09' 27.00" N, 21° 33' 26.99" E
    Panel orientation and angle:
    40° South
    Overall panel power:
    520 Wp
    Estimated annual electricity generation:
    Kesämökin omiin tarpeisiin
    Total panel area:
    3 m2
    Panel quantity:
    Panel type:
    Naps NP130GK
    Panel power:
    130 Wp
    Cell type:
    6" Polycrystalline silicon cell
    Type of installation:
    Custom made ceiling mounting
    Type of inverter:
    Studer C-2600-24
    Number of inverters: