• The system installed on the roof of the Sweden's largest carrot producers engine compartment together with a windmill installed produces a significant part of the electricity consumed on the farm. When designing the system, the impact of large electric motors of packing machines on the power grid was also taken into account.

Technical information

  • Owner:
    Ryftes Grönsaker AB
    Completion date:
    Gotland, Sweden
    57°38'50,2"N 19°33'18,4"E
    Module orientation and angle:
    South, 30°
    Overall module power:
    150 kWp
    Estimated annual electricity generation:
    130.000 kWh
    Total solar module area:
    990 m2
    Module quantity:
    Module type:
    Nap Saana 250 MBW
    Module power:
    250 Wp
    Cell type:
    6" Polycrystalline silicon cell
    Type of installation:
    Naps RS-PR 30
    Type of inverter:
    SolarMax 15MT3
    Number of inverters: