Naps Solar all white PV system in Uppsala Sverige

Swedish Minister for Financial Markets and Housing Per Bolund inaugurated sun city project Flogsta in Uppsala – Naps manufactured all-white solar modules for student dormitories’ facades

Naps Solar all white


Naps Solar System at Ilembula, Tansania

Naps also provides solar power consultation and maintenance services to other suppliers' systems.

The photovoltaic is in many places a very important, sometimes even the only source of power in many African countries, where the fixed grid and local infrastructure are unstable and power outages common. Stable power is nowadays a…

Naps Solar System at Antarctica

Finnish Antarctic Logistics FINNARP maintains the Aboa research station for the Finnish Meteorological Institute and arranges the fieldwork for Finnish Antarctic Research Program projects including surveys for changes in soil,…

Naps Solar Systems

Timo Laakso, the new CEO of the Naps Group, started in his position at the beginning of June, but was already implementing strategic development projects and recruitments before his actual start. Mr. Laakso was elected in March as Jussi Ojanen changed business sector. Timo Laakso is a highly experienced energy developer who has, among others, led a number of project development projects in the energy sector and been creating and launching new business models on the energy consulting services.

Timo Laakso, M.Sc. (applied thermodynamics) started as the Naps Solar Group CEO 3.6.2019. Laakso’s previous position was Business Director of the Energy Sector in the international energy consulting company ÅF-…

Naps Solar System

A – Why photovoltaics on buildings?

B – What is a solar system?

C – What’s in it for you?


A - Why put photovoltaics on buildings?

Unlike any other known form of electricity production,…