• This unique property uses solar photovoltaic in many ways. The façade has a world-wide unique cone-shaped photovoltaic system in which trapezoidal shaped solar modules are mounted on a curved installation on the rail. Modules installed on the roofs are designed to reduce the need for cooling in the building, in addition to the emission-free electricity generation.

Technical information

  • Owner:
    Completion date:
    July 2016
    Maarianhamina, Åland
    60°07’43.2”N 19°56’11.1”E
    Module orientation and angle:
    Multiple directions and angles
    Overall module power:
    208 kWp
    Estimated annual electricity generation:
    145.000 kWh
    Total solar module area:
    2159 m2
    Module quantity:
    Module type:
    Naps Saana 270 (roof) ja Naps special manufactured trapezoid solar module
    Module power:
    270 Wp
    Cell type:
    6” Polycrystalline silicon cell
    Type of installation:
    Made-to-order facade fixing
    Type of inverter:
    SMA STP-series
    Number of inverters: