Naps Solar System

A – Why photovoltaics on buildings?

B – What is a solar system?

C – What’s in it for you?


A - Why put photovoltaics on buildings?

Unlike any other known form of electricity production,…

Naps at UN Procurement seminar Copenhagen

The United Nation organizes a two-day procurement seminar every two years, which will familiarize the Nordic companies within UN agencies and their procurement practices. This year, the Trade Council of Danish Ministry of…

Naps Solar off-grid engineering

Naps Solar delivers off-grid solar photovoltaic systems globally. The company is one of the most important system suppliers to the international public sector, humanitarian actors and non-commercial organizations. International off-grid business presents also a substantial part of Naps’ annual revenue.

Off-grid solutions have been delivered to demanding conditions from the Antarctic to the Sahara Desert and from the small islands in the Pacific Ocean to the great mountain ranges and rain forests in Asia, over a timespan of nearly 40 years. Naps’ off-grid solutions expert, Project Engineer Risto Ant-Wuorinen reveals some aspects of these deliveries.

Risto Ant-Wuorinen, what is off-grid and what kind of systems does Naps deliver?

Off-grid (OG), or off-the-grid (OTG), means an electrical power…

Naps Solar System at Aberdeen Itäportintie 3

Aberdeen Asset Management Finland Ltd is installing a solar power plant of more than 120 kilowatts on the roofs of its industrial warehouses in Hämeenlinna. The new plant, supplied by Naps Solar Systems, will built on the roofs of two separate properties and will be completed by the end of the year. Naps is responsible for the design, implementation and remote monitoring of the plant. The plant's annual output is over 100 megawatt hours.

The Itäportintie 3 real estate is located in Moreeni business district, on a traffic hub of key routes and only five kilometers from Hämeenlinna. The logistics real estate is owned by the APFF 1 Real Estate Fund, whose investors are domestic…