• In the planning of an apartment building called Adjutantti, environmental considerations were taken into account from the outset. By contrast, each apartment is equipped with its own measuring and control system which allows residents to directly influence their own energy consumption. To reduce the common electricity consumption, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the building. In addition, a common electric car is reserved for residents.

Technical information

  • Owner:
    As Oy Espoon Adjutantti
    Completion date:
    February 2012
    Espoo, Finland
    60°13'23"N 24°50'14"E
    Module orientation and angle:
    South, 30°
    Overall module power:
    19,55 kWp
    Estimated annual electricity generation:
    15.000 kWh
    Total solar module area:
    136 m2
    Module quantity:
    Module type:
    Naps Saana 230 PBW
    Module power:
    230 Wp
    Cell type:
    6" Polycrystalline silicon cell
    Type of installation:
    Naps-mounting system for flat roof
    Type of inverter:
    Kostal Piko 10.1
    Number of inverters: