In the Naps Remote Monitoring Service, Naps takes over the customer's system monitoring and interference management.

Naps' trained staff supervise the operation of the systems at Naps premises via their monitoring portal and responds to observed alerts and system alerts. Responses to possible observed deviations are performed by remote management if remote disruption is possible.

If disruption is not remedied by remote control, contact Naps with your customer service personnel and instruct them to remove or repair the disorder.

The Naps Remote Monitoring Service ensures that a professional manages solar power to work as planned, achieves energy production expectations, and can handle any disturbances affecting production quickly.

Naps Solar System


The Naps Maintenance Service includes the Naps Remote Control Service, and Naps responds to all major deviations that affect production and to all identified security risks.

In the Maintenance Service, either Naps' own experienced staff or Naps' partner will, if necessary, identify and repair the issues that are substantially affecting production and the security risks found in the system.

In addition to reacting to malfunctions, Naps inspects each system on site at least once a year. The audit is an annual inspection in accordance with EN SFS 62446-1 2016, together with a written report.

The annual inspection includes visual and electronic inspection. If necessary, the replacement of overvoltage protectors is also performed. Other possible maintenance arrangements are agreed upon separately.

In connection with the annual inspection, an infrared depiction of the system is also carried out with a drone. The depiction ensures that all the modules in the system are working optimally, and no aberrant heat is generated at any point in the module. This can also be used to trace a damaged panel in case of a possible module failure.

Through our service, our customers ensure that the good condition and value of the system are maintained and that the system's return will remain at a planned level in the future.