In solar power as a service model Naps will make a long-term agreement with you on purchasing electricity and placing your system on the roof of your property.

During the contract period, you only pay for electricity produced, with Naps taking care of everything else. After a contract period, you can redeem your solar power plant for yourself or continue with your contract.



In solar power as a service model Naps provides the following services:

  • Naps Solar Secialist design the most appropriate technical solution for the destination and consumption
  • Naps takes care of licensing processes and support issues
  • Naps builds a solar power plant and invests in a system solution for the customer
  • Naps ensures optimum use of the plant
  • Naps remotely controls the plant and ensures its safety
  • Naps maintains the system and keeps it in the best possible condition and repairs any breakages at its expense.


Solar energy is responsible energy. When you want the benefits of solar power without your own investment in the photovoltaic system, you will also be able to get from our services:

  • Stable and competitive price to your own solar power
  • Part protection for potential increase in net electricity
  • You can avoid the solar power plant from possible maintenance, maintenance or other costs.

In solar power as a service model you only pay for photovoltaic power produced, and you do not have to bear the risk of system gains. We are specialists in photovoltaic systems and power plants, so we are happy to take care of all the risks for you.