Photovoltaic electricity is a reliable and highly predictable natural energy production method based on solar rotation and location-based system calculations. The most comprehensive solution for each application is calculated on a case-by-case basis. The amount of solar electricity available to the customer depends on the size, location and possible shading of the system.

Due to the long-standing expertise of Naps, the products are competitive, found to be of high quality and have a good supply. The systems are complete and their main components are solar modules, inverters and installation mechanics. Below is a brief description of the elements:

Solar modules

Naps Saana aurinkopaneelit valmistetaan EU-tehtaallamme Tallinnassa
Naps Saana solar modules are manufactured
at our EU factory in Tallinn, Estonia

The solar modules in the systems are known for their high quality, excellent weather resistance, long life cycle, and performance.

Naps Premium module is Naps Solar Group's 300 Watts Naps Saana. The module is one of the most efficient EU-manufactured modules in its size class, with a wattage price competitive on the current solar photovoltaic market.

The Naps Value module is always a high quality product audited by Naps' experienced photovoltaic experts. Value modules are usually Asian. Naps gives delivered Value modules same warranty as to their own production.


Steca, ABB and SMA are the world's leading manufacturers of photovoltaic system inverters whose Support and Guarantee Policies have been proven to be highly functional with Naps photovoltaic systems. All companies are continuously developing new products for intelligent control of solar power generation.



The products of Schletter GmbH have been selected as the mechanical supplier of our solutions. Schletter is a leading manufacturer of innovative solar photovoltaic and light metal products, which develops and manufactures high-quality solar module mechanics systems from aluminum and steel. The company has been developing light metal products for nearly 50 years since 1968. In addition to high quality, the ease of installation of the mechanics has been one of the key criteria.

You can estimate the amount of solar power required by using the Naps sizing and design tool (to be announced). By completing the survey we can produce an estimate and a quote, which also includes the costs associated with the installation materials and the accessibility of the installation site.