Our photovoltaic and battery technology engineers represent both the experience and the direction of future development. We build solar photovoltaic solution as an effective part of your business office, warehouse, logistics property or public building.

The roof of a commercial real estate or a logistics center is the ideal location for a local solar power plant that generates electricity for the building's needs - mostly for ventilation or cooling purposes. A properly dimensioned system can cut down on electricity purchased for the noon. It is economically sensible when it is produced without fuel costs at fixed prices - for the next 30 years.

The Logistics Center's electric forklifts are the best way to store and use solar power. The modern solar photovoltaic system, taking into account architectural goals, is integrated into the building during the design phase as a major part of the environmental facade of the building's façade. When installed on a roof the system is either visible or unobtrusive depending on the target. Production of solar power is always a responsible ecological act.

Appearance is a key part of high-quality photovoltaic systems, but the most important thing is to produce high-quality electricity for the next 25-30 years. With 36 years of experience, Naps has a strong routine of how a 30-year lasting Nordic photovoltaic system is implemented.

The center of the system is a high quality solar module. Naps' selection contains a high-quality, high efficiency and visually pleasing Naps Saana module manufactured at its own factory in Estonia. Our selection also includes a high quality Asian module that is ideally suited for less visible locations, such as the roofs of logistics estates. The modules are designed to withstand the required snow and ice loads without regular snow clearing. This saves the maintenance costs of the property.

The mounting kit allows module mounting on roofs easily and weatherably. Naps has long cooperation with the world's leading mounting structure suppliers for example German Schletter GmbH. If needed, we also tailor fixing solutions with a trusted domestic partner. Since quality is at the heart of our business, we only use well-known and market-oriented inverter suppliers. We have more than 10 years of cooperation with SMA and ABB, representing the industry's leading quality and perseverance.

The long life cycle also requires the selection of high quality components. For example, in cables, we only use products suitable for outdoor installation and exposure for more than 20 years UV exposure.

Check out our references and contact our sales or technology specialists for more information.