Naps classifies demanding conditions as which the production of photovoltaic electricity is virtually the only available source of electricity, either due to the weather or the total lack of local infrastructure, Naps has supplied photovoltaic power to the South pole, Himalayas, Sahara and Borneo rainforests. Not forgetting Lapland. As a connecting factor, all of these have had a difficult access to the site and the need for absolutely reliable electricity generation.

Naps builds grid-independent secure solar photovoltaic systems for use in demanding cold conditions, demanding heat in the equatorial areas, and independent sea or desert systems. The photovoltaic systems are designed and implemented to withstand the challenges that demanding conditions can have. Demanding cold, heat, drought, or humidity lay down different requirements for the system, as does a thin air.

For all these conditions, there is a suitable Naps system, with almost 40 years of experience, with more than 250,000 systems delivered and more than 140 countries and all continents. With long experience, we will help our customer to choose the right size system. Dimensioning of the system is a long-term starting point and a prerequisite.

High-quality and field-tested components enable a system of operational reliability. At the heart of the system are Naps high-quality solar modules manufactured in their own factory. There is no condition that Naps-made solar modules have not been used. The demanding condition system must also have a battery system suitable for the conditions. We rely on Exide's top-quality batteries for more than 20 years of cooperation.

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