The municipal layout plans affects the installation of the photovoltaic system to a building, but in most municipalities in Finland, the system may be installed on a roof or walls of your own property without a separate licensing process.

In a housing cooperative, decision-making requires statutory or contractual processing, coordinated by the cooperatives board of directors or by the house manager. Photovoltaic power can be used for example for real estate needs, for charging electric cars and batteries, or for residents' own use.

When selecting a photovoltaic system, it is important to note the location of the property and its own electricity demand. Typically, a private photovoltaic system can produce 25-30% of its annual electricity demand. Using KotiAkku, the utilization of self-generated electricity rises somewhat.

You can design your own photovoltaic system here:

Naps sizing and design tool (to be announced)

Naps has selected components with its 36 years of experience, with the core of the Naps Saana solar module manufactured in its own factory. Saana has been made to account for the special conditions of the Northern parts of the world and thus endures our snow and ice loads and takes into account the low light conditions.

The Naps Saana solar module is sold with the Naps Premium package. The premium package has the industry's highest quality and state-of-the-art components. The package also takes into account the appearance of the system as the solar modules are a very visible element on the roof. The color of the Naps Saana module is black in general and is therefore an understated but elegant addition on most properties.

We also have a Naps Value package that still has high quality components but a quality module imported from Asia. The module has a silver-colored frame and is well suited for objects where the appearance of the installation is not decisive. Our mounting system has been dimensioned and designed to withstand all the challenges it may face on the roof for the next 25-30 years. Here again, we will take advantage of our 36 years of experience.

The inverter is the brain of the system. It converts the electricity generated on the roof for the use of common household electronics and to the national network. It also monitors that the system is working properly. Naturally we only use the industry's best and most reliable inverters and we have more than 10 years of experience with them. As a proprietor you can monitor the functionality of the system with an easy application that can be installed on a mobile phone or tablet.

Naps KotiAkku allows a short-term storage of self-generated electricity, where you produce electricity during the day and use it in the evening, at night or the next morning. You may also want to charge rechargeable batteries from the national grid for cheap electricity and use electricity at home when electricity would be purchased more expensively from the grid.

Naps KotiAkku also includes the intelligence that learns about the home's electricity consumption and can store electricity accordingly. Often the coffee maker is clicked in the morning at pretty much the same time and KotiAkku can anticipate this so that at night it has charged himself with cheaper electricity and offers it when coffee brewing begins.

It is good to know that the photovoltaic system on your roof and the Naps KotiAkku deliver exactly the same electricity as the grid, and these three function seamlessly and unambiguously together.