Naps Solar System

Naps KotiAkku

Naps KotiAkku allows short-term storage of electricity produced: you can produce electricity during the day and use it in the evening, at night or the next morning. You may also want to charge rechargeable batteries from the national grid at low cost electricity and use electricity at home when electricity is purchased more expensive from the grid. In the darkest moment of the wintertime, the battery can be filled with low-cost night electricity.

The manufacturer of Naps KotiAkku on German leader of the battery market  sonnen. Naps KotiAkku-system is based on German sonnenBatterie eco 8.0-battery, whose heart is a fire-safe Sony lithium-iron phosphate battery. KotiAkku can store electricity from 4 kWh up to 16 kWh.

With the help of KotiAkku the usability of solar power will be significantly improved. So there are savings in electricity purchase and transfer prices and energy taxes. The duration of Naps KotiAkun käyttöikä is about 20 years with a full warranty of 10 years. The system is built on optimized solar modules and inverters per location. KotiAkku can be also connected also to the existing solar photovoltaic system. The SonnenBatterie system can also connect to electrical appliances with the Smart Plug, so remote control of individual home appliances is also possible through the mobile application.


Batteries for corporate systems


If desired, Naps can also design a case-by-case optimized storage solution for the business. Together with the smart solar systems, the batteries enable the company's energy consumption and thus efficient management of energy costs in a changing energy market.

Due to the climatic or terrain conditions, solar photovoltaic systems can be used even under demanding conditions. In these conditions battery solutions are always of the utmost importance.

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Especially for land, forest, pig and poultry farms, battery solutions are an integral part of the state electrification and contingency plans. Explore our solutions for farm owners.