Naps Solar
Flat roof installations

Flat roof installations are the most typical way to implement business solutions. Flat roof installations are usually carried out as so-called floating installations, so no ceiling or mortar is required for the ceiling.
Flat roof installations are very quick to implement and do not pose significant additional burdens on roofs. Naps experts plan each flat roof installation in detail and make the required load calculations to ensure trouble-free execution.
Naps Solar System
Ground-mounted systems

Ground-mounted systems allow the implementation of larger systems as well as solar photovoltaic production even in areas where roof area is not available. The detailed method of ground-mounted installation is selected according to the soil and the available land area. Ground-mounted installations often are  slightly better than roof-mounted systems, but may be somewhat more expensive than roof installations due to the establishment costs.





Naps Solar System
Facade installations and integrated solutions

If desired, the photovoltaic system can be used to select a facade or other built-in system in addition to the cost-effective production of electricity, as well as visibility and visibility.
Integrated systems can be implemented either using standard solar panels or by customizing panels that are tailored to the site. Utilizing its own solar panel production, Naps is the overwhelming market leader in integrated solutions in Finland and is able to deliver a solution to the target rather than the target.
Integrated solutions are always designed in close cooperation with the customer.


Naps Solar System

Carport Integrated photovoltaic systems offer many benefits for customers.
In addition to low-cost electricity, the systems protect cars from the northern weather conditions, provide the opportunity to use car parks for production and facilitate the promotion of electronic traffic.
dding to the car roof system the possibility of charging electric cars can be upgraded to meet the needs of the future for your company or home parking.