Naps Solar System

System Components

Grid-connected photovoltaic system consist of solar modules, mounting brackets, inverters and accessories.

Photovoltaic modules are installed in a shadeless and sunny location and pointed to the south if possible, often in the direction of the roof. System is also incorporated into the automation system of the property and to the energy management system to ensure that the system functions as an optimal part of the property.

Naps also works closely with the energy management market leader Enegia, and Naps' photovoltaic systems can be directly linked to the Enerkey system.


Optimized intelligence as a standard feature

All intelligent photovoltaic systems delivered by Naps are equipped with advanced remote monitoring and control equipment to monitor and control system output in detail.

The system enables real-time system monitoring and control, even on a single-module basis, as well as alarms when problems arise. The hardware enables the customer to make sure that the system output is always optimized and any problems can be detected and removed quickly.

The control system also allows the remote firing of the system in the event of problems, such as the best management of fire conditions.

With the remote control equipment, the systems are also ready for the needs of the future energy market, such as demand flex. If desired, the customer can also acquire the Naps Remote Monitoring Service, whereby Naps monitors the operation of the system on behalf of the customer and responds to potential problems quickly.

Naps Solar System

Impressive reporting

Typically, system output is to be monitored both in real time and in history. Naps intelligent systems enable prestige production reporting tailored to the customer's desired media and systems. Typically, the system is monitored both on the Internet, mobile subscriptions, and lobby displays.