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Solar power saves your company’s energy costs

The yield of the solar power plant can be seen as clear savings in the electricity bill. The solar power plant produces electricity that does not pollute our environment – it is the form of energy of the future.

The solar power plant is a profitable investment

The solar power plant is a wise investment. The solar electric system saves both money and nature.


We don’t get the sun to shine every day, but we know how to map your needs and technical possibilities and make realistic calculations about the profitability of the investment and the payback period. We tell you the pros and cons. However, it is certain that the carbon footprint will be reduced with solar electricity.


Naps was founded in 1981. Not only do we have long experience with solar power systems, but we are also maintaining the power plant in the future. We are there for you.


The process proceeds quickly and flexibly. By the way, we are also professionals in applying for grants. Our projects are carefully planned step by step from start to finish. We will keep you updated on the events.

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